First Post

Hi I’m strawberryeve, I live in Las Vegas Nevada.  I sell tours to the Grand Canyon on the Strip and I spend my days answering questions about the city, dining, the sights, shows, the weather and of course the Grand Canyon.   I worked as a tour guide on the Colorado river in the Hualapai reservation for two years so I know a great deal about visiting the Grand Canyon.  I’ve also found that people are really interesting in hearing the insider information I have about visiting Las Vegas in general.    I also dine, check out the casinos, go to shows and well, live in the world’s favorite adult playground.  I’m starting this blog to share all the info I can, my insights and my reviews of  shows, restaurants and resorts.  I will offer information on the best of Las Vegas, the must-sees and the must avoids, the best way to get around the Strip, the amazing things you can find off the Strip, my random experiences and occasionally a little history.   I am open to any questions or suggestions.  Thanks for checking out my new blog 🙂